While I was visiting my mom last week I found a pocket card from CTA Inc. that contained the slogan, "Shaping Hearts, Changing Lives" on one side.  On the other side was written, "You I have chosen Isaiah 43:10"  Below that were these words:

"Suppose you knew you could not fail?

Suppose you knew that what you did would matter...for now...forever.

No sirens or fireworks.

No trumpets or trombones.

But quiet opportunities to make a difference, a significant difference.

Suppose you could shape a heart, change a life, share the Savior's love?

Just suppose..."

As I read these words I thought about all of the people who have made a difference in my life.  At times those people did this in some very subtle ways. They did it by sharing and proclaiming Jesus.  They did it by loving and forgiving. What they did, really what God did through them, changed my life forever.

Today and every day look for opportunities that God is providing you with to make a significant difference in people's lives.  Look for ways to share the Savior's love, not just with other Christians, but also with those who do not yet know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Before you even begin looking, begin praying.  Ask the Lord to place people in your life today who need to experience the Savior's love.  Also pray for those people that Satan would not interfere, nor would he be able to distract them from what God is doing in their lives.  As you talk with God about those people also ask Him to give to you the wisdom, the knowledge, and the understanding to be able appropriately proclaim the truth of His Word to whomever He shall place in your path.

Jesus is deeply concerned about those who are lost.  While on earth He sought them out.  Today He uses us to seek them and provide for them the hope that only He can give.  We read throughout the Gospels that He had compassion on those who were in need.  Today He uses His Church to be the source of that compassion as His  love is made known through simple acts and powerful words that let others know that Jesus died for them so that they would have eternal life.