The Faithful Witness


Sent by God the Father to bear witness
His witness brings light and truth to the world
He is the ultimate witness of God’s love, mercy and grace, in his cross and
Everyone His Witness

Witnessing -  what is it all about

You are a witness – What does this mean

Vocation and witnessing

1st Article Lassie (listen, ask, seek, share, invite,encourage)

Going, planting and watering

       Church Festival
     The Transfiguration      
              Feb 11




 For we did not
follow cleverly
devised myths when we
made known to you the
power and coming of our
Lord Jesus Christ, but we
were eyewitnesses of his
 For when he received
honor and glory from God
the Father, and the voice
was borne to him by the
Majestic Glory, "This is
my beloved Son, with
whom I am well
 we ourselves heard this
very voice borne from
heaven, for we were with
him on the holy



Witnessing – What’s it
all about
There was a man
sent from God, whose
name was John. He
came as a witness, to
bear witness about the
light, that all might
believe through him. He
was not the light, but
came to bear witness.
(John 1:6-8)
Legal Term - a person
with persoal knowledge
The truth that is told
Witness takes place
amongGod's people
(instruct and strenghten
believers. Deuteronomy   
Witness takes place in
the world. 
So others may believe
(Acts 10:43)